At Study Rocket, we've spent months speaking to students to find out all the problems they have with their current revision content. We listened to what you want, and our team have built this website for you.

✔️ Our content covers everything you need to know (kept up-to-date with any syllabus changes).

✔️ It's condensed (72% shorter than the average textbook!) ️

✔️ It's easy to navigate (fully searchable and broken down into modules, topics, and subtopics).

✔️ And, you can track your activity, set goals, and earn badges for the time you spend revising in your customisable academic profile!

We're so excited for you all to start using it, but if you have any questions, or think there's something we've missed, please email with your feedback and ideas! We genuinely love to hear from you.

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