1. Writing notes

Study Rocket has loads of customisation features for your written notes! To try them out, head to the subtopic you want to take notes on. At the top of the page, you’ll see the different options you have.

You can bold, italic, and underline your notes:

You can create both bulleted and numbered lists:

And you can change the colour of the text:

2. Adding images and videos

You can also add different kinds of content, like images and videos. These features make it easy to have all the revision content you need in one place. Sometimes a diagram or YouTube video explains a topic better than written text - now you can add those sources into your Study Rocket notes!

To add an image, click the image icon and select an image from your computer. If your image doesn't appear, it may be over 50kb or 300x300px. We're currently working on a fix for this!

For a video, click the film icon, paste the URL you want to add to your notes, and click “Embed”:

This will embed the video!

Even more customisation features are coming soon - watch this space!

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