When you add your exams in Study Rocket, you’ll see all the topics you need to know to ace that exam. We’ve further broken those topics down into subtopics, to help make your revision as clear and manageable as possible. However, you have the capability to add and remove as many subtopics as you’d like.

1. To add a subtopic

Navigate to the folder, then the topic that you’d like to modify. Here, we’ll add a new subtopic within the HeartAndCirculation topic. Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you’ll see the option to “Add subtopic”:

In the “Type a new title” bar, you can write the new subtopic you’d like to add. Before you add your own, check our suggested subtopics - these are based on what other students taking the same exam have added!

If none of the suggested subtopics are right, press enter once you’ve written the subtopic you’d like to add. This will open a subtopic tag request. Click “Submit and use tag” to add your new subtopic!

2. To remove a subtopic

Navigate to the topic that holds the subtopic you’d like to remove. On the right side of each subtopic, you’ll see a round circle with an X in the centre.

Press the round X for the subtopic you’d like to remove. Warning: This will permanently delete any content you’ve made inside that subtopic! If you’re sure you want to delete the topic, click “Delete it”:

And the subtopic will be removed!

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