1. To add topics

Within your folder, navigate to the topic you want to modify. Click the + symbol in the top right corner:

Check the suggested topics (these are based on what other students taking the same exam have added!)

If none of the suggested topics are right, type in the topic you’d like to add, and press enter. This will open a topic tag request. Click “Submit and use tag” to add it as a new topic:

Once you’ve done that, it will appear in your exam folder!

  2. To remove topics

Changed your mind about a topic you’ve added? No problem! Click “Edit theme” in the exam that holds the topic you want to remove:

Press the red X above or below the topic. Warning: This will permanently delete any content you’ve made inside that topic! If you’re sure you want to delete the topic, click “Delete it”:

Once you’ve removed all the topics you want, click “Finish editing”.

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