It's super sad you're reading this, as we don't like to see any of our students go, but we understand!

If you've not added any card details

If you've activated an account, enrolled in a subject on a free trial or anything else and yet to add a card to your account, you cannot and will not be charged.

We recommend leaving the account, as we may perhaps be more useful for you as we add more content and features, and you can log in or reactivate at any moment, or to access new free features we release.

If you're adamant you want to permanently delete your account, you can do this by going to your Profile Page and clicking 'Delete account'. This will remove all your data, account and subscription/trial from Study Rocket.

If you're still using your free trial and have added card details

In the case that you're using the product within the first week (or two, if you've told your parents) and have added card details, but now decide you do not want to pay after the free trial runs out, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Click 'Edit subjects'.
  3. Remove all the subjects you are enrolled to by clicking the 'X' on each.
  4. Click 'Confirm' to save changes.
  5. You will not be charged when your trial runs out.

You can also remove, entirely cancel or permanently delete your account and subscription on your profile page, but this will remove all your data and progress.

If you're on a paid subscription

You can manage your subscription on your profile page including:

  • Edit card details
  • Pause subscription
  • Permanently delete account
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