We've had thousands of you asking when we you'll be able to access the subjects which aren't live yet. Understandably so!

The good news is that almost every subject is now in the pipeline and we'll be rolling out units/entire subjects every fortnight for the next six months.

Our target is to cover at least part of every major A-level and GCSE subject by April '18. The majority of which will be way before then.

We'll be adding more specific dates to each subject here once we have a better idea:

History GCSE

  • Edexcel (Early Elizabethan England) = December
  • WJEC (Depression, War and Recovery & Germany in Transition) = February

Chemistry A-level

  • AQA = March

Physics GCSE

  • AQA = February

History A-level

  • WJEC (Germany, Democracy and Dictatorship) = March
  • AQA (Tudors) = January

Business A-level

  • AQA = December

Economics A-level

  • Economics B (Edexcel) = December
  • Economics A (Edexcel) = March

Biology GCSE

  • AQA = February
  • OCR = February

Biology A-level

  • AQA = February

English GCSE

  • AQA Literature (Romeo & Juliet, Inspector Calls, Christmas Carol) = January

Computing GCSE

  • OCR (Systems Security) = December
  • AQA = January

Computing A-level

  • OCR = March

Religious Studies GCSE

  • WJEC (Religion and Philosophical Themes, Christianity, Islam and Judaism) = February
  • Edexcel = February

Religious Studies A-level

  • WJEC = March

Business Studies GCSE

  • Edexcel = January

Business Studies A-level

  • AQA = January

Geography GCSE

  • Edexcel (Geography A) = January
  • AQA = January

Media A-level

  • OCR = Feb


  • OCR GCSE = January
  • OCR A-level = January

Philosophy A-level

  • AQA = February

Drama GCSE

  • OCR = February

This page will update frequently as more solid dates come in!

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